Experiences of a beginning rider

A journal of the continuing experiences of a new horsewoman and beginning rider ... sharing my experiences, hoping to educate, encourage, and help others who are considering undertaking the same path.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Things I've Learned...

1. There is no scent on Earth so pleasant, so comforting, as that of a barn. The blending of aromas of hay, tack, and horse
is unbeatable.

2. Always wear a bra when jogging.

3. A horse who bucks and farts, bucks and farts, then bucks and farts some more, has got to be one of the funniest things I
ever saw - even after seeing it for the hundredth time. And they don't have a clue why you are standing there laughing
at them.

4. Horse poop in the winter is the consistancy of iron ore. When propelled from a large sling shot, it could kill.

5. Given the choice, a horse would rather be your boss than your friend. Don't let him.

6. God created us people with different personalities, and different abilities, for different reasons. He did the same for
horses. That stallion down there, he won't make the best trail riding companion for a new horse owner, but he'll produce
spectacular offspring. That Paint mare over there, the one with poor confirmation, she won't win any prizes in the show
ring, but she'll make a heck of project horse for some kid in 4H. And that Quarterhorse down the barn aisle, the one in
the last stall, he ain't winning no Kentucky Derby, but boy will he do well in Western Pleasure. Remember that the next
time you're ready to criticize another persons horse.

7. Don't give 'em treats. This just turns them into pushy, obnoxious, nipping beasts. Kinda like a 1000 pound dog who's
used to being fed from the dinner table. Not a pleasant thought. And if you're going to give 'em treats anyway, leave
them in their feed buckets - don't let them know it's from you. Let them think the barn fairy left it for them.


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